The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace - Single Line Melodies & Lyrics

from October Project

Sheet Music

On each page of this spiral bound volume you will find the melody line and lyrics for one round from our new recording, The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace.

Musical rounds are fun to sing and also create hypnotic effects that are good for the brain. The lyrical phrases in these rounds are written to create a mantra-effect or positive fugue of message that will embrace both the singer and listener with good feelings.

Enjoy them at home, with a group, in a choir, sung or spoken, for rehearsal, performance or as personal or daily affirmations.

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October Project New York, New York

October Project has its own distinct division of talents with Marina Belica’s sensually angelic vocals, Emil Adler’s imaginative and dreamy compositions, and Julie Flanders’ achingly beautiful harmonies, supportive counter-melodies, and revelatory lyrics that mesmerize as they illuminate. Their richly storied history together fortifies their nearly 20 year professional career as October Project. ... more

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